Why you should only hire gamers

Abdurasheed Hamzat
3 min readApr 18, 2020


Industries and HR’s in the past have almost always emphasized hard work, certificates, and talent during the recruitment process. How much can you cope under pressure, what are your qualifications, etc? While all these are great qualities they are not the perfect true measure of mental capabilities any longer.

What do you see first?

When you notice job adverts in recent time, you would see the explicit statements on the advert like “ability to think critically”, “having the right attitude to work”, “strong mental capacity”, “be creative”, “can work with little or no supervision”, “self-motivated”, etc.

It is worthy to note that while certificates and age may be criteria to screen people, they are not the ultimate criteria for selecting the best except in some highly defined jobs.

Wait a minute, what are you thinking?

That gamers do not fall into any of the above categories uhn? That might be true if you want to scratch the answer on the surface. You are looking at some deceptive figures and statistics I guess.

Have you read Why you should be a Monster Gamer strategy to conquer your fear)?

Take, for instance, gamers like me might suffer badly to get good grades (but the smarter ones do). How and where would it be written in our resume that we have completed three different games, beaten the high scores of the leaderboard, maintained the top position on the leaderboard for some time and had spent years upon years unlocking treasures playing games? Insane it might look, but the society gradually recognizes us now. Or we are speaking up too now

Looking for master critical thinkers?

When you seek a master critical thinker, search no more, there is a gamer in your neighborhood that best fits that description. We (gamers) have evolved as homosapiens ++ to be able to combine the normal and the abnormal. We have honed ourselves to be masters at what we do best- critical thinking. How would you learn new skills, apply it and beat others to it if you have not creatively thought out the process of winning?

It’s that simple, we are naturally better creative thinkers that should only be compared to the great thinkers of all time.

No HR’s want a procrastinator!

Trust me, no HR’s want a procrastinator, absurd trait gamers do not have. We do not procrastinate. We say and we do. You know why? We want to dominate others, we want to impress you and impress ourselves. How on earth would we procrastinate when we know every second count. There is a gamer out there thousands of kilometer or just in the neighborhood that is burning candles at both ends trying to get a newer skill. Does he want to oust me, hack me down the leaderboard? Mbok, ko jooh!


Now you see, there 1001 reasons not to fret when you hire a gamer. In fact, maybe as an HR you should start asking interviewees how many hours have they spent playing games because hey! If they were not playing games what have they been doing with their time? Drugs? Gambling? You need to start asking these questions to determine how passionate, loyal, disciplined and determined they would be when selected.

All we want is to live a happy life. Shine on and be gameful with your life!



Abdurasheed Hamzat

I am a Growth Hacker with experience in managing teams and Social Media campaigns. Reach me at livegamefully@gmail.com