What it feels like to inhabit a gamer’s body in Nigeria

Abdurasheed Hamzat
3 min readApr 15, 2020


As expected, gamers live a special life that only a few can appreciate its radiant beauty. A day on the life of Simbi is never complete until she gets to at least a higher rank in her zombie game.

She has built a no-nonsense schedule that keeps her busy all time. To rank to higher from one rank to another would typically take like three to four hours. She is a girl and any typical Nigerian household has to perform the home chores: washing the dishes, performing laundry, e.t.c.

When she wakes up in the morning, she does mini-cleaning activities before joining in the kitchen to prepare breakfast before setting out for school. When she returns, she has little time to rest, read and perform other chores.

How does she manage to keep up?

Little you might wonder that someone on this schedule level has the fervor knack to play games. Would you like to know how she manages to create time for game? It’s simple, she plays from her phone which means she is mobile enough to play and at any convenient time.


You should first understand that she has the passion and she is motivated internally. She derives some forms of gratification when she show-off her new rank and mock others in the school. You can imagine her being in the top five players. She is not going to back down. She has to keep playing to maintain her position at the top.

Her parents are not the too-strict type, they gave her a high level of freedom. But like other parents, they feel worried when she locks herself in the toilet for hours, or stay late in bed before sleeping off. In their minds, she would outgrow it, they thought.

Growing up…

As she matures, her perception of gaming went on a higher gear. She now owns a PC and a game console to herself. By now, the parent saw no reason other than to clam her down. She was constantly berated, disciplined and punished to deter her from following her passion. She was further mocked and placed under strict rules

Nigerian point of view

A gamer is not welcome in a typical Nigerian setting, we gamers are seen and tagged the NFA (no future ambition). parents make every effort to sabotage our creativity. They forgot they were the first to introduce us to the wonderful gaming world when they got us toys and little games many years back.

For a gamer to succeed in this terrible terrain (fluctuating electricity, high cost of game consoles, etc), you have to develop a thick skin to abuse resentment and be creative with how you spend your time.

And maybe just maybe you can pick up other passion and transfer your thick skin and be creative with your time with it. Just absorb it like a game. A calling that would provide a greater impact on society. You would then realize that it is less good to play games all day than living a gameful life.



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