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Abdurasheed Hamzat
3 min readApr 15, 2020
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Not too long ago, I found you are probably also witnessing now. I found that I have dropped in productivity significantly in my workplace. I saw that at the end of the day nearly half of my targets have not been meant. Sometimes I spend extra hours at work yet I know I am not at my peak.

I am glued to my PC drafting out memos creating tasks and monitoring performance with the result from the start to the end of the day. So, I decided to seek some help from Google. ‘How to become more productive” I typed. I have always known gamers to be highly productive- don’t doubt me yet. What I do not know is how they manage to do it. I found this wonderful piece by Keneth Jackson a contributor to He enumerated ‘8 ways to become productive in the workplace’.

When I went through his piece, I had no doubt he must probably be a great gamer because all he listed were technically letting out precious secret of gamers. Since he had made it open, who am I?

First, here is a summary of his tips on how to get your employees to be maximally productive at your workplace.

  • Be efficient
  • Delegate
  • Reduce distractions
  • Have the right tools and equipment
  • Offer support and set realistic goals
  • Practice positive reinforcement
  • Ensure employees are happy

Head to for more on the inspiring write-up on productivity at work.

I am more particularly concerned about your productivity without external motivations, I won’t dwell on some points.

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Let’s head straight to the gamers lab-room to see how we have been rocking it better for ages.

  • Gamers are efficient: what do you call efficiency? If you dedicate more than eight hours of your life daily at something, how more efficient can you be?
  • We are not lazy: cut the scrap, if we were we won’t finish the whole season in Football Manager in less than 48hours
  • We hate distractions: Trust me, we have zero tolerance for distractions, no email pop-ups, useless notification. We don’t even allow others to meddle into our affairs. We procrastinate other ‘useless’ things.
  • Having the right tools: you see ehn! one of the specs we check out for before buying a new gadget is how optimal is it to aid our gaming experience. We do not settle for less. Nothing flashy!
  • We are not messy!: hey stop it, stop right there!. the media do not portray us as someone with bed piled with cloth. Our room is not showcased as the best for entertaining visitors. Common these are all media attempts to dissuade from joining us. But trust me our gaming location is top-notch. Neatly arranged
  • Seek support: As a gamer, you should understand and recognize you cannot solve all problems. We do have community and community heads in fora to ask for support and in no time, we are back on track.
  • We hate procrastination: Common! We do not procrastinate. Why would you procrastinate what you like doing best? Mbok! You are only procrastinating because you do not like what you are doing
  • We are happier: How do you define happiness? If not doing what you love doing best, getting support as at when needed, no distraction and just trying to be efficient.

If you want to be more productive, you just have to live a gamefull life



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