[Revealed]: Hidden tool that can grow your Ilm (Knowledge) by five hundred percent (500%)

Abdurasheed Hamzat
3 min readSep 19, 2019

Seeking knowledge is indeed compulsory on every Muslim (Ibn Mājah 224). There are many ways to seek knowledge. It then becomes pertinent that in this very fast-paced opulent world, there are plenty of avenues to gain knowledge of the deen but…

I once came across a response by a young student who jokingly quoted his response to an answer from a popular scholar, Shaykh Google Al-Internetty. I was really amazed but come to think of it, long gone are those days you have to scour through a plethora of dusty shelves and read through turns of brown books searching for an article to give you an insight. We now have Shaykh Google in our pocket, delivering constant fatwas to everyone alive.

Now to the ‘but’, Shaykh Google is very knowledgeable, his reserve for knowledge is growing faster than the human population. The flip side of its coin is that it can’t seive the genuine answer to a surreal one.

How do you then get it right?

There are various platforms but one actually stands out in that enables you to understand the verses of the Qur’an beyond the superficial level. On an ayah by ayah basis. If you can get a baby-fed on the knowledge of Islam by understanding the in-depth meanings of the Qur’an. I mean, what else?

You need to know the following to grok the Qur’an

1. Structural Similarity (Mutashaabihaat): With Quranopedia, you would get a good display of the verses (of the Qur’an) that have similar word structure to the verse being currently viewed. It’s really a great resource to Quran memorizers and any inquisitive mind.

2. Semantic Similarity: Do you know that some verses have similar meanings? Quranopedia displays verses that are similar in meaning (theme) to the verse currently viewed. A great resource to those who want “feel the flow” of Allaah’s speech.

3. Tafseer (English and Arabic): Well served in English understandable language. Quranopedia displays the tafseer of the verse currently viewed. English version is from the popular tafseer book by Ibn Katheer while the arabic tafseer is gotten from the tafseer books of ibn Katheer, Jalalain and Qurtubi. You can’t get anything better from anywhere else

4. I’raab: I am sure you know a wikipedia of Qur’an ain’t complete without the grammatical analysis. Imagine a word-by-word grammatical analysis of the Qur’an. Hello students of knowledge, I present to you the Quranopedia!

5. Sababun-Nuzuul: Little did you know that occasions do warrant revelation of Qur’an verses. Quranopedia shows the contexts and occasions of the revelation of the verse being currently viewed.

6. Index: In Quranopedia, you will find A VERY elaborate and comprehensive index of the Glorious Qur’an. Each ayah is tagged and the tags are displayed when that ayah is being viewed.

7. Qur’an Transliteration: With quranopedia, you now have a trusted source to transliterate an arabic text in the Quran in English

8. Qur’an Translation: To cap it all. Quranopedia presents translation verse-by-verse in 3 prominent languages- English, Hausa and Yoruba translations.

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