Maryam Sanda: Party Gone Wrong

Abdurasheed Hamzat
3 min readFeb 10, 2020


A pin-drop silence serenaded as you would expect of a typical courtroom, just few seconds before she was pronounced guilty. What a shame? How many more minutes could she wait to hear the judgment of the lord pronounced?

Standing covered in the dock, waiting anxiously for a last-minute miracle to wrestle her off the claws of the emotionless law, she prayed and hoped. Eyes wide, cheeks wet, fingers well soaked in her mouth, embittered she was. She could trade her life to save her from what is obviously imminent.

As soon as the judge found her guilty, the sea-calm audience in the courtroom burst into pandemonium, exploding in great rage over the expected judgment that would soon be passed. Death is imminent! The courtroom went into disarray, everyone who came in the support of the mother-of-one became uncomfortable. If she had ever hoped for long life, now is the time she might have hoped for death before setting her eyes on planet earth.

Seconds rippled into minutes as the court marshals tried to install serenity in the courtroom after the judge had excused herself from the chaos. Efforts by the defendant’s lawyer to minimize the impact of the inevitable again went futile as the judge ruled it out outrightly.

The jargon that continued between her lawyer and the judge would have mattered less to her as her mind might have raced down the memory lane. It was not meant to be like this, never! It was not meant to end this way because it did not start this way. Why would a marriage blessed with every couple’s dream — a child — go sour overnight? From a simple confrontation over an extramarital affair to denial. In her thoughts, the scene would run faster than it actually happened. Needless to say, when she saw her beloved husband writhing in pains, blood gushing out from every possible pores in his body… Ah! Her dear husband, her soulmate, the father of her child, she must have fought back and maybe tried to force the blood back to their normal position, only to see him drop dead from prolonged bleeding. It was never meant to be like this, this ought not to have happened. A message indeed fit for all!

Marriage starts from simply understanding and respecting the fact that I want to live with a total stranger, someone totally out of the blue who has shown me love and happiness. A union that has two people wanting to entrust their lives to each other’s hand. ” Till death do us apart”, as they say.

Marriage shatters all boundaries in tribalism, ethnicity, racism and the likes as it is emotionally built on a mutual love foundation and promises to be each other’s guardian. A journey of twists and turns, yes they are ready to make the sacrifice, again “till death do us apart”.

Disheartening it would be if one of the parties decided to eat more than the supposedly equally-divided cake. Sometimes (s)he might do it out of the other partner’s knowledge but the truth is that the feeling of being cheated holds great pain and becomes greater and unbearable especially as it comes from those whom we were supposed to trust with our own lives.

To the promiscuous he’s and she’s, let’s be led and be guided! We know, we know, you have your “reasons”. She is this, he is that! Pending the time Maryam Sanda would be removed from the hanger as instructed by the judge, listen carefully and reflect. A complex message indeed befitting for all!



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