How to master critical thinking by using professional Gamer strategy

Abdurasheed Hamzat
3 min readApr 8, 2020

Statements like “think outside the box”, “be creative in your thoughts” or “you have developed an analytical mind”. Do you want to be reckoned with statements like those? You want to be a master in crafting ideas and developing solutions from the unlikely source.

All these are offset of critical thinking. Critical thinking is so essential in this century that Human Resource (HR’s ) of organizations do especially demand for it. They want critical thinkers to join their team. They want to know how you have fared in the past in developing and nurturing ideas at pressing times.

Erm… what does critical thinking mean? It is a way of arriving at justifiable conclusions by thinking clearly and rationally to be able to understand the logical linkage between ideas. It is a skill-set known with philosophers such as Socrates, and Plato to filter fake news.

A critical thinker would scrutinize ideas and assumptions, they do not accept things hook, line and sinker.

PS: Not all humans are critical thinkers, not all critical thinkers think critically at all times. Do not be surprised!

If you want to be a critical thinker, you should want to know who said what, where, when and how was it said. You should now make imaginary connections to give you a logical conclusion. A critical thinker would say “based on the fact that xy did this in the absence of yz, the action would not count”. Easy?

The last person you’d ever imagined on earth to be a critical thinker is a gamer. Common, don’t be so mean! They ever have higher critical thinking prowess than you could imagine.

A very key principle a gamer knows is that there are always problems (small problems) but his task is to overcome THE PROBLEM (major problem). There are one thousand and one reasons not to proceed to the next stage, tag this -problems. Now, the main PROBLEM is how to get to the next stage, what do you need to do?

For instance, in trying to kill Rocky in zombie dead target, there are lots of little warriors craving attention- to be killed. Some with venom others with short-range blood-sucking power. If you focus on striking the little warriors, Rocky would smash you into pieces on the first attempt. The little warriors are problems that no matter how much you focus on them, they would keep turning up. Until you kill Rocky, THE PROBLEM, you’d soon run out of gas.

What problems are you facing? Are they problems or THE PROBLEM. When you can juxtapose this, “welcome to the hood of gamers”.

Undeniably, there might be individualistic traits that might cloud your thoughts but professional gamers do recognize this and have clearly thought out ideas to slalom their way. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Gamers do know that posture affects their gaming experience and consequently end result. What you do need to do is to become more aware of yourself. Know your problems from THE PROBLEM and live a gamefull life.



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