How to Cultivate Fearless Approach in Times of Danger

Abdurasheed Hamzat
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This post explains everything you need to know about how game players conquer their fear. How to stay strong in the midst of wavering fears and anxiety.

Monsters are strong, they feel strong and formidable. They have a bullish ‘I will always win mindset’. Monsters possess unique powers they are never shy of making to use.

When fear and anxiety become a pattern in our lives, they become a problem. Overcoming fear may sound easier said than done.

When you are in the thick of fear, it’s hard to see a way out. The good news is that, because you are the root cause of your fears, that means that you are also the solution to conquer your fears. However, none of this will be possible if you aren’t ready to conquer your fears.

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Neuroscientists claim that humans are the most fearful creatures on the planet because of our ability to learn, think, and create fear in our minds.

We scare ourselves by imagining the worst possible outcomes, assuming that we are protecting ourselves from imminent danger.

What Is Fear, Really?

This acronym best reflects what fear is:

False Evidence Appearing Real

So here is are tricks that can unlock and unleash the monster in you and conquer your fears.

But when I say Monster, the likes of The Blob, The Rancour, Godzilla or even predator might come to your mind. Is that what you are thinking? Common, those are fictitious characters.

  • When I say monster, I mean the real deal…

The one with swags and actions. I am going to give you a tested secret right now. You know what? you have to know your weapon.

Oh no! don’t misconstrue me again. I do not mean those surreal power, I mean the weapons lucked within you.

Look at it this way…

There are times when I’ve felt afraid, but I didn’t even know why. If you keep your fears inside, you allow your minds to control how you feel. We all know how that turns out! In order to prevent this confusion from happening in the first place, the first step is to identify what your fears are.

When you are in action and you are expected to gun down a boss- a Frightening one. The most paramount thing you have to understand its use is the sort of skills, guns, and other weapons in your arsenal. Trust me, if you can master the use of your weapon, you should gun it down in no time.

You see, like the fictional boss, challenges in your life would come to take you down. But the best way to conquer your fears is when you how to use the weapon with you.

Let me be clearer, weapons would come in past experiences, innate skills, connections, and a successful mentor.

Sometimes merely stating what your fear is gives you the strength to deal with it. Say your fear out loud, write it down, or focus your mind on it.

Trust me, you learn from the tutelage of mentors, you would amass experience and with the right Network, you are about to release the sleeping Monster in FULL RAGE and conquer your fear.

  • Peer gaming

When you try to deny a fear in your life, when you try to push it away or not think about it then it can often grow stronger.

Peer pressure, like fear itself, can be positive or negative depending on how it’s wielded. Surround yourself with people who will push you to conquer your fears that are holding you back from what you want.

Whatever you’re afraid of, is it something you have to do alone? Can you find a mentor or support group to help you through it? Athletes have coaches. Students have teachers. Sometimes friends, even if they have no expertise in the area you’re struggling with, can provide the needed support to face your fear.

  • Try some other games

Game players know that, there a plethora of games to be played. Instead of getting stuck at one for months and they could not find positive solutions, they pivot. look for a better game and enjoy it.

As the adage goes, “If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.” But there’s also the saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you’re afraid to do something again because it didn’t work out the last time, figure out why it didn’t work, and try something different before you give up trying altogether.

Your fear and anxiety arise out of a certain part of your brain, and they allow emotion to overcome rational thought. When you feel your fearful symptoms coming forth, try to use a different part of your brain.

If you just focus on the negative things that could happen if you do not conquer your fear then it will be very hard to start moving forward.

  • Celebrate Your Successes

Gamers understand there ‘epic moment’, the moment they overcome a huge monster, get ahead of their target, or broke a high score. it is always an emphatic moment of joy and ecstasy. They do not take these moments for granted, they share it with their peers, and go online to show-off to their friends over the internet

You’ve overcome countless fears to become the person you are today, whether it was learning to ride a bike, driving a car, or kissing someone you liked for the first time. Taking risks and opening yourself to new experiences is always a little scary.

But when you embrace your fears and take action anyway, you build up confidence in your abilities.

The situation you’re facing now and how your fear is manifesting may be different than what you’ve experienced in the past, but you already know how to overcome your fears. You’ve spent a lifetime doing it! So I encourage you to follow Emerson’s advice and do the thing you fear.

It is the best possible way to grow as a person and achieve more success in life. Every successful person I know has been willing to take a leap of faith even though they were afraid. Because they knew that if they didn’t act, the opportunity would pass them by.

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The next time that you feel threatened by fear, I encourage you to pull upon one or more of the above strategies. Change your relationship with fear. Instead of letting it knock you down, use it as motivation to grow and achieve more.

Once you conquer your fears, the obstacles that appear to stand in your way will be removed, and you will feel empowered to take massive action.

Take charge and live a gameful life.

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