How to Boss others by using simple gaming technique

Abdurasheed Hamzat
2 min readApr 8, 2020

Do you want others to take you like the best, to worship you as the Don- the generalissimo? Do you want to be seen as a role model, a mentor? Here is one of the best pieces of advice you would ever get from me.

There are dozens of scientific techniques to make you stand out and dominate others on the net. You are likely to see contents like mirroring the other person, show you are likable or become expertise. Others might propagate the use of psychological hacks to predict and dominate others.

Trash those in a second. So lets dive into what and how gamers dominate their peers. Dominating is an essential principle in gaming. I mean, what is the essence of playing games all night if no one would feel jealous and mesmerized by my results.

I want to show-off, to tell you I have acquired a special skill. I want to show you the new move I got. I can beat you at racing now. I really want you to bow to me and tell others how I whipped you ten nil in the first half of football game. That’s how gamers roll guys.

We like dominating- especially the serious ones. We like to be called the boss.

We understand Barack Obama’s quote more than anyone else. The former U.S President was quoted to have said that “Nothing in life that’s worth anything is easy”. If you wanna boss others, it is not gonna be easy, far from it.

How do gamers rock this principle? First, if you want to be a gamer, you have to understand your quest. Before you set out to play, try to understand the underlying challenges you have to overcome. You have to learn and empower yourself to get better by TRYING. You have to know that the dream of dominating does not come to reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and consistent hard work.

On the inside, you should understand your quest and master your way gradually by committing your resources into it.

Do you want to be the boss? Work more from the inside. We are celebrated on the outside for the hard-work we made inside.

The second thing gamers understand more than anyone else is the act of STARTING EARLY. If you can get to a higher level before me, then you are the boss. You can teach me how you did it because you have done it before.

You really have to steady yourself, get up earlier and start ahead of others in areas you want to dominate. Its fun, no big deal. Take charge and live a gamefull life.



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