How to be faster at decision making

Abdurasheed Hamzat
2 min readApr 15, 2020


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What is the greater challenge you might experience more frequently in your daily activities other than choice making decisions? It is the greatest weapon at our disposal and guess you do next to nothing to enhance it.

There were times in the past when wise men would be consulted on pressing issues that have to be resolved. Those days when information retrieval was poor. At this age when information can get to you in a snap of your finger, things are moving pretty faster and slow decision making is considered lethal. Respect and dignity are accorded to those who can make apt and accurate decisions.


Decisions over choice in day-to-day activities are needed spontaneous, there are tones of other things waiting for your decision. You do not have the luxury of time to hard or deep think. This is not to elude the fact that some decision is key and would require consultation and fact-checking before making a stand.

The One Minute Trick

I am going to teach you in a minute a trick one of mentor taught to me that got me to speed in decision making.

The 10/10/10 rule. This rule is an emotionally based rule that helps you fast forward yourself into feeling the feelings that would be felt after making a decision. Are you going to feel better or worse?

The 10/10/10 rule is used to satisfy your emotional conscience and makes you more responsible for your deeds and keeps you aware of the consequences of your decision.

This rule you seek to ask you some questions…

How would you feel after making this decision? Better? Or worse? Take a moment to decide before making your conclusion. How would you feel in ten minutes’ time? in the next ten weeks, how are the decisions you are about to make makes you feel? don’t stop there! In ten months’ time, would you happy you made such a decision or sad? Some would say in ten years’ time.

The bottom line is, what sort of long term effect would this decision have on you? If you try the more to get used to this rule, the faster you would be at decision making.

Some decisions do not have immediate repercussion, they might come back in ten months or ten years’ time to haunt you. The decisions are yours to make to live a gameful life



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