Expert Copywriting Secrets From Game Players

Abdurasheed Hamzat
4 min readNov 8, 2020


Game players are greater achievers

You do need to be a game player to succeed. You do not have to be Neil Patel or study for twenty thousand years on how to write sales letters like a pro.

All you need to do is study legendary game players and translate it into writing. I am sure by now you should know that the reason why we are still probably alive now is that game players have not stopped gaming.

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What behaviours or attitudes do game players exhibit that make them a lab rat for copyrighting? Here are four top traits you from game players that you need to help you become a Pro at Copywriting

Table of Contents

  • – Game players are not all round:
  • – Show empathy:
  • – Sell benefits not features:
  • – Gaming means solving a problem:

– Game players are not all round:

are you looking for the perfect game players that are great at football games, action games, puzzle games, monopoly, car racing? I bet it is not possible.

Game players are sacred and will only restrict themselves to what they know best that they have passion for the most. If game players do not stretch themselves to claim omniscience, why then are you trying to be Chief Mr. Know All.

You have to decide your niche. No matter how weird it is, are you good at sport? concentrate on sport and sporting events. Do you like cars? craft your niche in the automobile industry.

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Do not attempt to be a jack of all trade, better put “know something about everything and everything about something”. Imagine having a combination of C.Ronaldo and Peter Crouch in a Basketball team because Cr7 is fast and Crouch is tall. It simply does not work that way. Remember what happened when Usain Bolt tried to play football

– Show empathy:

when you write, write from the position of the reader. What would your reader like to see in your write-up?

Game players of the same interest would only be able to resonate well because they understand each other’s pain. They would communicate easier and better because they have common interests, they have trailed a common past.

To write like a pro, act as if you are the reader. What would you expect to see in a typical write-up, sketch them and ink your thoughts creatively on those points?

– Sell benefits not features:

No one is interested in the features of your product. They want to see the benefits. What is in it for them? You have to be able to journey them in their mind in your write-up to move them from where they are to where they would be. Show the emotional feelings of buying the products you want to sell if possible with images and correct captions. People would resonate well with you when you show them how they would feel when they get your product. For instance, do not say ‘buy my toothpaste made up of sodium fluoride, hydrated silica, lauryl sulfate, and benzoate’ no one does that.

Better put “my refreshing toothpaste would give you strong healthy teeth and provide you the confidence to speak with anyone” which is better? you can apply any of this formula to any product and you would get exciting results that would delight your client.

You would be happy because you have made your customer happy and your client would be glad too.

– Gaming means solving a problem:

be it that you want to hack down MAJOR FIREPOWER in KILLER BEAN or you want to escape from the monster in TEMPLE RUN, the underlying fact is that there is a problem you want to solve.

The first question a game player would ask himself of a new game is what am I expected to do? meaning what problem am I solving?

When you sit down to scribe your sales letter, ask yourself what problems are you solving? What is the problem my product is trying to solve? If it is not solving any problem, you better create one.

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When you write a sales letter, you are informing the reader of the problem they have (that they do know or do not know), make them aware of these problems, how it affects them and why it is not making them reach their goal. Then bring in your product or service, show them how it will impact them, how it is going to bridge them to their dream.


Creatively crafting this gaming technique and linking with them in the appropriate way your reader would love and crave your product is all you need to be a pro.

Take charge and live a gameful life.

How to master critical thinking by using professional Gamer strategy



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