5 life-changing lessons you can only get from gamers

Abdurasheed Hamzat
3 min readMay 2, 2020


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I get, things are pretty hard, you probably have a lot of reason to give up but you are still hanging on a tiny thread of hope. You probably have mixed feelings about what you want to be. You are not too sure of what would hold water for you in the future.

Common! Jeer up we’ve all been there. I got admission into Mechanical Engineering hoping to be the first Engineer to develop a moving train in Nigeria. I was super excited about the prospect of becoming the Engineer that will be on the corner page of all newspapers, flying up and down like ‘Edo witch’ to grant interviews and press conferences up and there. But here I am!

The last place you wanna draw up inspiration is from Gamers. You will probably puff your nose and sniff out of disbelief. In your mind, how would a bunch of NFA’s (No Future Ambition) teens and adults give you life-changing lessons Mba! Well, don’t ‘look-away’ yet.


I have in my years of experience seen the fact that gamers are bold experimenters and researchers with their own lives. I am just probably publishing the results of their findings, very few gamers like me can be bold to post our researches,

So let’s dive in straight

  1. Know your strength: Gamers do not play games they do not like, who does that? They don’t play games that suks, instinctively we prefer games that suit our personality that we would like to show-off with.
    You can use the SWOTStrength, Threat, Opportunity, and Weakness technique to balance yourself. Seek your strength and get better at it.
  2. Start early: Gamers are instinctively competitive. I don’t want you to get ahead of me, I wanna show you I am the Boss. The only way to do this is to get started earlier. ahead of you.
    If you want to be truly ahead of peers, you have to start working on yourself, you have to stop the excuses. Trust me, you don’t have enough excuses to stop pursuing your passion as gamers do to stop playing games. You need to get up now. Stop saying and start doing!
  3. Keep building momentum: At some point, we die but we never used to quit, we get knocked down at a stage, we get beaten badly or stuck, we don’t quit, we respawn.
    You to keep the momentum going, adversaries would come, don’t balk, find excuses to do more, and go forward. Starting is like overcoming static friction, keeping momentum is like overcoming dynamic friction of life.
  4. Seek Competition: An underlying principle of gaming is social interactivity. We constantly seek records to break. We want to top the leaderboard. You have to take this seriously, “you must be competing with yourself, better your records and seek others to beat their own records.”
    We might not know how good MESSI if there were to be no C.Ronaldo, you won’t know how good Arsenal Invincibles were until you see how Liverpool played. Trust me you won’t know how good Coca-cola is if there were to be no Pepsi. Imagine life with only ADDIDAS how sucking would NIKE be by now. Seek competition and constantly improve yourself.
  5. Be Addicted: Why make gamers look obsessive and addicted (to game) is that they have started earlier than others, they have slalomed past static and dynamic friction of game. They are now seeking records to break and when they are done breaking records, they make records. Find your passion, hug a gamer for they have provided us with this research free of charge!

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You have all the right in this world to be the best you can be. But if the thing no werk, know say nah you f*ck up!

Take charge of your life and live a gameful life.



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