Why people who play games seem to succeed in life

Abdurasheed Hamzat
3 min readApr 25, 2020


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Were you stuck at a point, thinking you cannot be good at some other things? Do you wish you could do more though you are already doing well at one thing? Are you looking for a second hubby though what you do right now does not really suck?

You can excel at other activities just like top business(wo)men, sport(wo)men influencers, leaders, professionals are always known to be famous and good at one thing. They are public figures and are always eulogized and praised at one very act or profession they are associated with.

Think of it…

Name any of them from Elon Musk, Jack Ma, Cristiano Ronaldo, Allisson Becker, Mike Tyson, Einstein, Steve Job, Newton. You can keep the list going on and on. When any of these names is mentioned something might pop-up in your head. Oh! He is a fantastic entrepreneur, goal scorer, best keeper, iron-man, inventor, programmer, physicist.

You would maybe look again and say oh! He is also a good motivational speaker, a model, a guitarist, an actor, a mathematician, a great orator e.t.c.

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Wait a minute.

The key thing to remember is that all of these people have mastered their strength, they know what they are good at and are probably best at it. It is always great to know your TOWS (Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Strength). According to Goleman, be self-aware. Know your strength and work on it. It is hard to imagine C.Ronaldo despite his nice physique or speed as a wrestler or a runner. I am sure he might end up the way Usain Bolt ended his footballing career.


You should already know what you are good at or you can use the SWOT technique to understand yourself better. I can also suggest you read books on emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman and The Monk who sold his Ferrari, The Mastery Manner by Robin Sharma. There are tonnes of books you can lay your hands on and would get the same message.

Being lazy and finding shortcuts?

There is a distinction between being lazy and finding shortcuts to achieving tasks on time. Snowden finished his hours-long test under an hour- finding the shortest course toward achieving his goal. You don’t call him lazy, you call him a genius.

Gamers know that they do have to excel in more than one game in order to exert their dominance on a larger scale. This means extra nights of dedication and serious commitment.

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You can borrow a leaf from the almighty gamers, leverage on what you are good at now, pick up new skills, challenge yourself on greater height and you would see yourself named amidst the elites. In that way, you would be living in the advanced stage of a gameful life!



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